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Friday, November 15, 2013

Future Disney Parks Moms Panelist?

What can I say?  She gets it honestly.  Still, something warm and fuzzy bubbles up inside when you see your child, not only, "get it" but be able to express it so eloquently.

I am about to post a note written by my 14 year old daughter.  This was completely unsolicited.  One evening, after we'd been to Epcot, she wrote this in secret and handed it to me later. (Translation to follow)

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*People come to Disney for the rides, characters and fireworks. And at first I did too. Really, that's all I knew at the time. But a few years and many trips later, I found the magic of Disney World. To me the magic isn't in the amazement and thrill of the rides, or the beauty and fabulousness of the castle; no, to me the magic is in the details and creativity that has been put into everything. If I had to choose a favorite park I would have to say Animal Kingdom because I love all animals and I have learned every theme and lots of details that the Imagineers have put into the park. Although Animal Kingdom is my favorite park, one of my favorite things is Illuminations. I love Illuminations but not for the most obvious reasons. Yes, I like fireworks but the things that make Illuminations so wonderful are the music and the theme of bringing everyone together to share food, culture and to live and laugh together as one single community.

So, clearly, this warms my heart…I just need to share!

XO, Ami