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Monday, February 11, 2013

Allergy Free in Disney

Just one example...©Disney Goddess

Want to go out for dinner?

Like so many food allergy sufferers, it is a tough choice.  Yes, I'd love the night off...no cooking, no cleaning up afterwards.  However, there is danger lurking in those restaurants!  So many times, I have spoken to the server at a restaurant about my allergy to gluten (wheat) only to receive food that has been breaded!  Clearly, there is a disconnect here.  It is scary to think about the hidden dangers...the ones I could miss by just looking at the food.  Sometimes it comes down to...cook at home and be safe, or eat out and risk becoming violently ill.

No place is 100% safe.  However, I feel just as at ease eating out in Walt Disney World as I do my own kitchen.  Yes, the risk is still there, but I know they take every precaution and take my health very seriously.

So what do you do if you have a food allergy and eat in Disney?  It's simple really.  You speak to the chef.  Don't be afraid to speak up and voice your concerns.  They are used to this and would much rather take a few moments to explain to you what is safe, than to have you spend your vacation sick...or even hospitalized!  Don't risk it!

Gluten free Quinoa and cream puff from Be Our Guest Restaurant

Every food establishment, from sit down restaurants to food courts, will have someone on hand to take care of you, walk you through the menu or the buffet, and assure you what is safe.  They will even custom make your meal if that is necessary.

Gluten free scallops from Flying Fish (my favorite!)

If you are making a reservation ahead of time, either by phone or online, make sure your allergy is noted on the reservation.  A chef will come to your table almost as soon as you are seated.  If you don't note it in advance or you are dining at a counter service restaurant, just let your server know up front.  No hassles!

Saved the best for last!  Gluten free cupcake from Be Our Guest

Then relax, enjoy your meal and have a magical vacation!

XO, Ami


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