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Saturday, September 8, 2012

1989-Community of Tomorrow…

Today I am guest blogging over at DIStherapy all about EPCOT Center in 1989!  Here is a preview, but for the full story, be sure to follow the link over to the great site and read this brilliant series counting down the days to Epcot's big 30th birthday!

Progress City as planned by Walt Disney ©Disney

 EPCOT Center 1989.  Were these the glory days?  

We often gripe when our favorite things change.  We get all cozy-comfy and fall in love with our Communicores and SMRT-1’s and our hearts ache when they go away.  We bury our feet in the ground, staunchly trying to not like the "Innoventions" of the world as much as they deserve. Despite the fact that in order to truly appreciate Epcot, {and when I say Epcot of course what I really mean is Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow  Center} then change has to be not only expected but also wholeheartedly embraced.  Now, before you grumble and groan and go off to read a different blog that won't tout the inevitability of change, give me just a teensy moment of your precious time.  After all, you must love EPCOT Center as much as I do! You see, of all Walt Disney’s dreams and aspirations, this was the summation of what he visualized for our future!  This is progress: Progress City…or at least a theme park version of it, because quite frankly, nobody since Walt himself has had the courage to pursue his dreams.  In the end, we find that we do love Innoventions but we still recall fondly the bygone days of Communicore.  With a little faith, trust and pixie dust, we keep moving forward.....

And for you to keep moving forward - click on the map!

1989 EPCOT Center Map

XO, Ami