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Monday, May 21, 2012

An Epiphany for the Brown-Thumbed


Just last week I reviewed the fantastic Behind the Seeds Tour located in Epcot’s Land Pavilion.  Since writing this, I found myself re-inspired to have a bit more greenery in my life!  I bought some pots, some flowers, some herbs and some vegetables.  I also picked up a bag of Miracle Grow potting soil.  Despite how ambitious I was feeling, I still knew it would take a miracle for anything to grow on my front porch! Boy…I wasn’t wrong.  After a few days of trying my best, my plants looked at me in such a way that I knew I was simply being cruel and selfish by taking them home with me instead of allowing another, more able person purchase the now doomed florae.  Then it dawned on me (I’m a slow learner, I suppose):

I will never be able to grow a pumpkin shaped like Mickey.

In my dark moments, owning up to the truth, I wandered around the lawn and garden store until something caught my eye:  A topiary!  It was beautiful!  A lovely shade of green and the careful sculpted shape of it was perfection!  No!  I mustn’t send this gorgeous thing to its untimely death!  Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop my feet from walking toward it.  

It wasn’t real

Well, not in the living sense, anyway.  Oh my goodness!  A light bulb went off!  I can’t kill something that isn’t alive! 

So naturally I bought two.  Plus a fern to put in my hanging basket!  All of a sudden the front of my house is alive!  Well, no it actually isn’t- but it sure looks like it is!

So I may never be able to grow a Mickey pumpkin; but I bet I could find a plastic one around Halloween!  A bonus is it won’t rot on my front step if I happen to leave it there until November 7...or 14th, but who's counting!  Besides, I really love supporting my local farmer’s market.  If I all of a sudden went all garden ninja whom would they sell to?  So this is really for the best.  I can enjoy “Living with the Land” on my own terms- At Epcot, in other people’s gardens, in my market and now, made of silk.

For an excellent resource for all things silk and artificial plants, I encourage you to check out Silk Flowers Warehouse!  They really know their stuff over there!  Purely informational at the moment, it provides a wealth of knowledge if you are in the market for plants you can keep always!

XO, Ami