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Friday, March 16, 2012

Zero to Infinity? The Exotic Driving Experience in Disney World

My husband has a need for speed. So when I first heard rumblings of the new Exotic Driving Experience at the Disney World Speedway, I knew it would have to be included in our next itinerary!

The Speedway is no stranger to thrilling encounters. Originally designed in 1995 to host the Indy 200, it is no longer a professional venue. Since 1997, Disney guests have been seeking a buzz at the Richard Petty Driving Experience. This is a NASCAR fan’s delight. It allows thrill-seekers to sit in a real racecar and screech around those turns just like Richard Petty himself.

www.exoticdriving.com Speedway

This past winter, a cousin of the Petty Experience drove into town. The Exotic Driving Experience takes the NASCAR out of speed and puts you, the driver, into a real high performance automobile. There are several beauties to choose from: a Porsche 997s to a Lamborghini Gallardo to a Ferrari 458 Italia; the latter of which has an MSRP of $295,000. Seriously, when else could you drive something like that?

Upon entering the facility, you are required to “sign your life away.” This is a very real car. You are driving. There is no track like in most Disney attractions. So, not only are you taking a very pricey automobile into your hands, you are also taking your own life into them…and the guy who is sitting next to you. Don’t make him wet his pants.

From there you go to driving school. You get familiar with the cars out on the track and go over a refresher course of safety skills. By now you are pumped! Excitement builds as you hear the rumble of engines just outside (my husband says that sound is like music…ok). The door opens and you walk out to the track. Your destiny awaits.


This driving experience utilizes the road course. Like I said, this isn’t NASCAR, you won’t just spin around a loop. Instead, you get the sensation of a twisting road as well as a longer straight line where you can really pick up some major speed!

Every driver is given a lanyard with a driving experience ID and a flash drive. This flash drive plugs into the car and records your experience so that afterward, you can relive the event and, mainly, so you know what your top speed was! This recording is available for purchase as well as some nice photographic memorabilia.

Now that this experience is available, I have a feeling I will be seeing that Speedway on a regular basis. After all, there are still 4 cars yet to try!

XO, Ami
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