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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paradise Pier in Snapshots


The ability to see Fireworks in the room mirror--stunning!

View from my room

more view

and a little more

Ok...one more

I really do love that Disneyland gives their bath products ear hats!

Future "Clean the World" participant

Fun shower curtain- surfs up!


Ok- more view

Not so much of a view this time, but the beach ball pillows are super cute!

Goofy!  Any Disney World fans know where else you can find this guy?

Linens- subtle but sweet

Add caption

One of the cutest kids areas I've seen...wait, there's more

Told ya it was cute!

More view.  Only this one's from the roof.

Great space for a party! Also on the roof and right outside the suite patios

Suite patios.  Sweet!

More roof

...and even more!  This area is a little more active.

No, this wasn't my room.  Maybe one day.

Hall carpet

This intrigued me.  Why does a shower head need to do this?  For fun or function?  Obviously I've thought too long about it.  Here it is- for your enjoyment...and maybe even puzzlement!

XO, Ami


  1. Staying there on Monday!!! Super excited! Thanks!

  2. Have a great time! Tell me if you figure out the reason for the shower head ;-)

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