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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My New Dream: Part One of a Disney Vow Renewal

July 8, 1995 "A picture of love" Gown omitted on purpose
This article first appeared at TheDisneyDrivenLife.com on April 24, 2011.  The moment has nearly arrived so I will post all of my articles on the vow renewal journey here.

I had a beautiful wedding.  It took place in a stone Amphitheatre during a North Carolina summer.  It had rained every day for a month that July, so when the sun shone on my wedding day, an emerald shimmer reflected back.  The graceful rise of the arena was dotted with simple white chairs, which exquisitely complimented the white roses.  My bridesmaids looked like sapphire jewels nestled amongst the grey stone steps.  The groom and his men, handsome in well-tailored tuxedos, were a stunning contrast.  Then I, the bride, walked down the aisle in an ill-fitting, too short, too baggy prom dress, complete with a too long veil that didn’t match.  No joke, I was a sight, and not a good one either.
I have regretted this choice ever since.  I’ve never been one to “dote” on myself.  Never let anyone spend money on me.  I wasn’t worth all that, I thought.  A prom dress was all I required.  After all, it was white.  I had my chance to be the center of it all.  My one day to spoil myself.  My one day to feel like Cinderella.  And I blew it.
Or so I thought.
My husband is well aware of my regrets.  I try to hide it, but he knows I have pity parties in front of the TV, watching Say Yes to the Dress and consuming too much ice cream in one sitting.  He knows I have Alfred Angelo bookmarked on my computer.  So, after a couple of stressful years when the kids and I lived in Virginia while my husband worked in Arizona, he came home one Friday and asked me if I wanted a gown.…and to renew our vows in Disney World.
I surprised myself at how instantly I became engulfed in tears.
It’s true, these years have been hard.  We’ve faced many hurdles.  Our family, our marriage, our health–all have been challenged and stretched to the limits.  I have a brand new respect and appreciation for single mothers…and for prayer.  Our situation is not likely to soon change, but this re-commitment is a way of letting me know he realizes just how difficult these years have been on me and that he doesn’t take it for granted.
So this is Part One.  I can’t exactly call it an engagement, but for lack of a better term, I will.  Periodically, I will write on the experiences I encounter in working with Disney Weddings and the whole process.  I hope you will stay tuned!  I am especially excited for my visit to an Alfred Angelo boutique, coming soon to a Disney Driven Life near you!