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Friday, September 9, 2011

Menehune Magic in Disney’s Aulani

What a fun job it must have been to have imagineered Disney’s newest resort, Aulani.  First of all, coming to work in the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Oahu would lead to inspiration in and of itself!  Add in the Hawaiian culture, folklore and Aloha spirit and it becomes an explosion of brilliance!

One of the most fun aspects of the resort for young and old alike is the Menehune Adventure Trail. 

The Menehune, in Hawaiian culture, are almost like elves.  They make mischief but their magic is good and can be extraordinarily helpful!  As the story goes, the night before the Resort opened, the Menuhune built things all over the hotel.  Wherever they went, they left small Menehune statues in their place.  It is very exciting to chance upon one as you are strolling the grounds.  In addition to these happenstance encounters, you may also take part in an adventure trail, helping the island and all her inhabitants in the process.

If you have experienced the Kim Possible Adventure in Epcot, this is very similar in feel.  Instead of a Kimmunicator, you receive an island interactive device and get information from “Auntie” in order to complete your mission with the Menehune.  Just as in Kim Possible, your eyes will be opened to things in the island that you never knew were there!

I am very fond of the Menehune now, and look forward to their playful troublemaking!  

XO, Ami
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