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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Aulani Bound!


Words cannot express how excited I am at this moment…but I’ll try.

By this point, you may have a suspicion that I have a thing for Disney.  It just so happens, that I am particularly fond of Hawaii too.  I think both places are about as close to heaven as you can get on this earth!  Which may be why I am so partial to Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  Honest-to-goodness I can’t make a trip to Disney World and NOT step foot into the Great Ceremonial House.  That would be sacrilege.  Shameful.  I do not know what would happen to me if I didn’t and, quite frankly, the risk is too great so why try?

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to find when I visit Aulani.  I have never stayed in a Disney resort before that wasn’t attached to a park, so this is very new for me.  Will I love it just as much if there is no castle on the horizon?

I find my usual planning-crazed self a bit out of sorts.  So, I have an urgent question:

“What does one pack?”

Now, I pack way ahead of time, and it’s a good thing too!  I swear I started with my usual hot pink and black suitcase, which is small enough to fit one bathing suit, a fabulous pair of high heels, a slimming dress, a few cute outfits, un-mentionables…and a Bible.  The essentials!  It also fits nicely in the overhead compartment.  WELL- that wasn’t enough!  I needed MORE!  So I upgraded to a slightly bigger suitcase, periwinkle and still cute but not HOT PINK.  I like making a statement with my luggage.  After much deliberation I decided that this still would not do.  If I didn’t know what I was getting myself into than I needed options.  The great big, huge and practical hunter green rolling bag would have to do.  I added a purple ribbon.  I know you were worried I wouldn’t be able to make a statement.

So as I was putting in all my various choices and three pairs of shoes and full size toiletries, I was taken aback to my first vacations with my husband.  There I was with my tiny little suitcase, full of basics that I could mix and match and him with his two outfits per day and shoes to choose from.  Oh how I’d laugh and call him a woman.  I guess the tables have turned a bit.  Maybe the whole time his over packing was because he just didn’t know what he was getting himself into on vacation with me!

XO, Ami


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