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Monday, August 1, 2011

Kim Possible: Saving World Showcase!

Acting "natural"

A few years back, Epcot launched a new experience giving park guests the opportunity to play spy and save the countries within World Showcase one at a time.  This attraction is based on the popular show Kim Possible, which aired on Disney Channel from 2002-2007.  Even if you are not familiar with this television program, this experience is great fun for kids of all ages!  The villains all have cheesy names and their crimes are similar in evil-ness to Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb, in my opinion.  My favorite is the experience in UK.  You must defeat Duff Killigan, the Scottish golfer who wishes to turn the world into a giant golf course.

Receiving spy info through the "Kimmunicator"

My twelve year-old daughter was lucky enough to be selected to try this attraction out before official opening.  She was instantly hooked!  The experiences have been shortened a bit, but there are now more of them!  This is a “must-do” for her every trip!

Our last mission was in France- wonder what this tower does?

My favorite part of this whole experience, is not pretending to be a spy (although that IS pretty cool), it is the opening of my eyes to what has been there the whole time.  What I mean is, little statues and paintings and doorways that I have walked by a hundred times do things I never imagined!  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have watched a seemingly inanimate object come to life and the words, “that was so cool!” escaped my lips!

This guy does more than light up!  I don't want spoil it though, you will have to find out for yourself!

 What's the sitch? Dr. Drakken won't defeat himself you know! When will you save the world?  Make sure you pick up your time slip from a Kim Possible recruiting spot inside Innoventions East or West or before crossing the bridge to World Showcase.  It will tell you where to go and when your mission starts!

XO, Ami