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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Braving the Parks with Small Children

Chef Mickey's!

Disney World is a place for kids of all ages!  I have often heard people say not to take a Disney vacation until the kids are older.  They argue that an older child can appreciate it more and won't get tired out with all the walking.  Well- I believe that would be a terrible loss!  At a young age, many children are acutely aware of their favorite characters.  A picture with Mickey will be treasured long after the memory fades!  There is nothing more magical than your child’s face the first time they see the castle, or fly over London with Peter Pan!  Besides, even if they don't recall each moment with perfect accuracy, YOU won't forget all the joy that vacation brought the whole family.

There are a few limitations when traveling with small children, but well worth it!  Here are some tips to make the trip go more smoothly!

 *  Don’t try to do too much.  Do your research and plan what rides and attractions    will be the most enjoyable for your child.  Disney has a list of preschool favorites that I will post below.

* In the same vein, remember that your child will need breaks.  For a quick rest, the WEDway PeopleMovers will be your best friend when you are in the Magic Kingdom.  Just stopping for a snack, or going back to your resort for a nap and a rejuvenating swim can be just what the family needs.

* If you have the means to stay in one of the monorail resorts, this makes it much easier to get back for naptime on Magic Kingdom days.

* Make dining reservations at restaurants with characters.  This way you don’t have to wait in line to meet your child’s favorites.  Instead, they will come to your child as he eats his mac n cheese.

* Bring distractions for long lines.  Small toys, drawing pads, bubbles and the like can help pass the time.

* If you rent a Disney stroller, bring something to differentiate yours from the masses.  Disney cast members are famous for moving them around when you’re on the ride and finding yours after you’re through can be difficult.  Tie a scarf or other brightly colored object around the handle so that your stroller is easily identifiable.

* Bring ponchos and a change of clothes.  If it rains, or your child gets wet or messy she can become fussy.  Comfort is key.

* For safety, it’s best to be prepared.  Take a cell phone picture of your child every morning.  This way, if they get separated you will have a photo with how your child is dressed.

* It’s also a good idea to have something on your child’s person with your name and cell phone.  I have seen dog tags that kids wear around their necks with this information.  We are also big fans of Safety Bands!  These are those silicone bands that kids want to wear anyway.  You can get one printed with your child's name and your cell number!

* Bring a night light from home.

* A couple weeks before you leave home, take family walks to build endurance. 

* Bring sippy cups from home as well as snacks.  The prepackaged, single serving cereal bowls are great for a quick and easy breakfast in the room.

* Make sure your child (and you) eat healthfully to keep up energy and feel great!
  •     Now go and have a magical time!

Disney attractions- Pre-schoolers:

Dog tags:


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