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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Romantic nooks and crannies around the Magic Kingdom

One of my all time favorite pastimes while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort is to amble around slowly, taking in all that satiating attention to the finer points.  From the music, just loud enough to fill your subconscious with pleasantries, to the subtly jovial colors, mature foliage and precise architectural details, all properties within Disney World are a feast for the senses!  Some even have their own aromas!  Goodness, what I wouldn’t do to bottle that crisp, Polynesian fragrance!

I believe, that if you look intently, many of the spots nestled within the Walt Disney World Resort  hold a different kind of magic.  You know, the kind that makes you want to slide in a little closer, hold hands and savor moments.

Let’s first take an intent look at Magic Kingdom itself.  If your legs are too tired to meander on their own, allow me to suggest the PeopleMovers.  This is one of my favorite rides, actually.  You get a leisurely, ambling journey and a birds eye view.  Two to a car is perfectly acceptable.

Another spot in the Magic Kingdom is the Wishing Well.  A famous nook for proposals, it is clearly a fairy tale locale!  Go ahead…throw in that penny and make a wish!

The Rose Garden Theatre has just been repurposed from Belle’s area to Rapunzel’s.   Although I miss Story Time with Belle, who can resist the lanterns as they come to life?

Now let’s wander down Main St., shall we?  If you are headed towards the castle, chances are you are looking straight ahead and are bewildered by the shear wonderment of it all.  I hate to pull you away, but you can get back to that later.   About halfway down Main St. on the right is Center St.  I can imagine how many people pass it by.  Down at the end of the street are bistro tables and a bench.  Flowering trees attract humming birds and offer a secluded ambience, and the amusing sound of a singing lesson drifts from the second story of a building on the left.  Take the time to sit a spell.  You won’t be sorry.

There are a million other places around Magic Kingdom just waiting for you to discover!  All you need to do is slow down and savor the beautiful moments placed before you by those brilliant imagineers.

Next week: The magic Kingdom Resort area!


  1. This is great! I love to take my time too :) There's a little spot underneath the castle in Disneyland Paris that I love to go to with my bf! It's always quiet and you can see the water that runs under the path leading to the castle entrance - it's a great spot for cuddles! :D

  2. Oooo! That is a good one! The only time I've been to DLP was with my daughter. An equally magnificent trip, although quite different! :-)