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Monday, June 20, 2011

Money Monday: To Travel Agent, or Not?

Kidani Village © Disney

 I’m a bit of a control freak. 

I like being one of “those moms” who is all up in their kids business (but subtly…I don’t want to risk my position).  I enjoy knowing schedules by rote, being aware of where important documents are located and I am a die-hard planner.  Lists?  I love them.  Madly.

So, it seemed natural to me that I would always book my own Disney vacations.  I shop around and never pay rack rate.  I thought I was being good.  What I’ve come to learn is that I may not always know the best rate available (acknowledging is the first step).  It is then that I rely on someone with the inside scoop.  My travel agent. 

I heard recently, that the travel agent was going out like the dinosaur with all the discount travel companies on the internet.  That may be so for generalized travel, but Disney is a whole different ballgame.  So much so, that Disney-specific travel companies are popping up now.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just blindly hand my reservation over willy-nilly.  I check out all my options first.  What would I book if I were going at this on my own?  I also do my methodical planning; calculating Extra Magic Hours, choosing restaurants for Advance Dining Reservations, and considering when we’ll need unplanned time to chill.  Yes, I even plan that.  That’s not to say that you couldn’t just hand it over- I’m sure that would be fine for the non-planners of this world…it’s just not me.  It’s possible I need therapy (but that’s a whole different blog post!) I consider my Travel Agent as a partner in helping me get the biggest bang for my buck.  Goodness knows, starting a vacation feeling like you got a great deal makes for a more relaxed get-away!

XO, Ami                                      
My Travel Agent:
Judy Fiest, Fiesty’s Fun Time Travel, jfblondie@aol.com


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