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Monday, June 6, 2011

Money Monday: Saving on food in Disney

There is no doubt that Disney has some pretty fantastic places to eat on property!  From snack options to quick service to some really amazing sit down dining, the possibilities are endless.  If you are like me, you want to try them all!  Then again, if you are like me, you have come away from the vacation with a pretty hefty dining bill. 

There are several ways to cut down on this expense, however.  First of all, there is the option of getting one of the Disney dining plans.  If you know for a fact that you will be eating at least one sit down meal per day as well as a counter service, as well as snacks, then this is a very good option for you.  The savings is significant.  Are you more of an “eat quickly when you’re hungry so you can get back to the rides” person?  Then you may want to add the Quick Service Dining plan.  There are several other options and add-ons to suit your needs as well.

Another choice is to bring food with you.  If you have a room with a refrigerator or kitchen, or if you are camping and have cooking options, then you can save quite a bit by preparing some of your own meals.  Even if you simply bring a box of cereal bars with you for breakfast, and a few snacks to carry into the parks, the savings can be significant.   Yes, yes…cooking on vacation feels decidedly less like a vacation to some, but it doesn’t need to be difficult.  There is even a grocery delivery service nearby to take the hassle out of doing the shopping!  Check out Garden Grocer.com the next time you plan to cook or even to bring snacks, bottled water, milk, juice, etc to Disney World.

Xoxo, Ami


  1. Great advice. We still have an early version of the Brita sport water bottles with the charcoal filter that takes away the chlorine taste. So convenient to use and saves time waiting in line for bottled water.

  2. Orlando water does have a unique taste and smell. A filter is a great idea!

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