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Friday, June 10, 2011

Free-For-All Friday: Roughing It

I’ve taken all kinds of trips to Disney World.  Family trips, couples trips, Grand Gatherings, girls’ sprees, even a solo outing.  Recently, I decided to do something new.  I went alone…and roughed it.  Yes, that’s right; the Disney Goddess stayed on her own in a tent.  I barely told a soul before I left.  Perhaps because everyone I did tell looked at me with a mixed expression of confusion, disbelief and a slight hint of, “Are you nuts?!”

 Well, I’ve never been conventional.  Quite frankly, the adventure intrigued me; plus I wanted to see just how cheap I could make it.  I drove down, tent, cot, feather mattress (I’m still a princess, even if it is a tent), food and cookware, my bike all in tow and I drove off into the sunset- completely, positively, irrevocably alone. 

The afternoon I arrived, I set up camp.  Yep, I pitched a tent and didn’t even break a nail.  Then I got on my bike and rode around that serene campground, relishing in the fact that I was in Disney World.  Sigh.  That evening I watched Wishes from Clementine Beach at Fort Wilderness.  It was indeed perfection.

The rest of my five days there, I did what I felt like.  Mostly that consisted of wandering around the parks, looking at all the beautiful details I love so much, experiencing the rides and shows my daughters don’t have as much interest in at this moment and taking lots of pictures.  I moved at a snails’ pace….and I loved it!   

I spent very little money, relatively speaking.  I prepared most of my meals, took a water bottle with me everywhere I went and refilled it at water fountains.  I have an annual pass so I didn’t need to purchase tickets.  I brought my family back souvenirs, but I didn’t buy out the parks like I would have enjoyed doing.  In the end, I spent under $400 for the whole adventure.  It could have been less, but I allowed myself certain favorites: sushi from Kona, couscous salad from Morocco, a Grey Goose Lemon Slush from France...you know…essentials! 

In the end, it was an amazing trip!  I felt recharged from the time alone and the slow pace.  I got plenty of exercise from riding my bike all over and I ate very healthfully since I brought plenty of fresh fruit and veggies with me.  It was an adventure!  One I hope to repeat someday! 

xoxo, Ami

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  1. Love this blog Ami; sounds like it was a great adventure. I'm going to have to try a Grey Goose Lemon Slush next time!

  2. You most definitely should! Thank you for the sweet words, Dan! I had a wonderful adventure!