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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tea Time

If it were up to me, my family would spend every afternoon in Disney World.  The folks feel like Chinese for dinner?  The China pavilion in Epcot sure beats take-out!  What about a pizza night?  Via Napoli outclasses Dominos hands down!  Just saying.
One thing I would do all the time, though, is take my daughters to tea.  There is something extraordinarily special about walking into the Grand Floridian Garden Tea Room that turns all spirited little girls into nice young ladies.  Suddenly they are quiet and well-mannered.  They sit up straight and they say “please” and “thank you.”

Yes, I could use a little more of this in my life.

Unfortunately, the twelve hour drive is a little bit of a commute for high tea.  As an alternative, I have pioneered having tea time after school.  I blew the dust of some pretty  china tea cups and saucers, fixed a few cucumber sandwiches and put a bowl of actual sugar cubes on the table.  Seriously, my girls LOVE the sugar cubes!  I think they believed those little squares were only found in old timey movies.  Tea time replaces after school snack time.  It’s basically the same only it is more quiet, less rushed and in general….FUN.  We all sit down together and talk about the day at school.  It makes for a nice Segway into homework time.  They are already sitting down, focused and thinking of academics.  Sneaky, I know.   It also reminds me that I did give birth to little ladies and not a brood of rambunctious wild-children.  Every mother needs reassurance sometimes.
If you’ve never tried the Tea Room in Disney World, I highly recommend it!  It is a treat that will make your little princess (or big princess) feel distinctive and cherished.  It compels you to slow down and appreciate each other’s company. 
In the meantime, you can practice by having your own afternoon tea.  Any kitchen will do!  Now where are those tea cups?

Gorgonzola Tea sandwiches with pears
8 Slices Marble Rye Bread
Gorgonzola Cheese Spread
6 ½ ounces Gorgonzola Cheese
9 ½ ounces Cream Cheese
3 Spinach Leaves
Poached Pears2 Pears, peeled and cores removed
3 cups Burgundy Wine
4 ounces Sugar

•  In a food processor, combine Gorgonzola Cheese and Cream Cheese together and blend.
•  Fold Spinach Leaves into the cheese mixture.
•  In a pot, combine Burgundy Wine & Sugar and bring to a boil.
•  Add pears & cook for 5 minutes.
•  Remove and let cool in liquid.
•  Spread Gorgonzola Cheese Spread on both sides of the bread.
•  Shingle the thin slices of pear over the bread.
•  Top the pears with another slice of bread and remove the crusts.
•  Cut sandwiches into triangles.